Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Dear visitors.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 2012 Reflection

As the weather begins to cool and we begin to see plans for Christmas flicker, I'd like to share reflections on my work through September.

  • Provided the first MS ICT Parent Coffee for the school year 2012 - 13.
    Discussion topics focused around ICT usage at home, Digital Organization and Focus, and lessening ICT related distraction. The associated discussions provided an opportunity for parents to share concerns and collaboratively raise awareness and develop an understanding about potential management and problem solving options.
    A link to my associated blog posting is here :
  • Initiated the growth of the Student Digital Leadership Team [MS SDLT]. The MS SDLT will work through the academic year to design, create and present an ICT curriculum to the MS student body.
    There has been a strong commitment from our grade 6 students and a pleasing return of some SDLT from last year.
    The team meet weekly on a Monday after school in room 315B. 

  • Presented potential ICT integration possibilities between Google Earth and the seventh and eighth grade Social Studies curriculum. Sheltered time was allocated to support the training of all associated staff.
    The planning and operational details are still being discussed with the team. The options available remain exciting.
  • Formed this year's Tech~Know~Wise crew, a group of students that will develop knowledge and skills required to support the design, set-up, and operation of all ICT and audio visual related issues associated with the theatrical productions held at the Middle School throughout the school year.
    The crew meet weekly on a Tuesday after school in room 315B. 
  • Re-communicated to all MS students the need for improvement around four important focal areas concerning ICT.

* Being responsible for laptop care. 
* Backing up laptops on a frequent and ongoing basis.
* Ensuring work is managed in a digitally organized manner.
* Restarting laptops at least once per week.

Though these 4 items have already been mentioned, we have seen a need to reiterate this information to all MS students via multiple communication means, such as daily announcements, PCG led video message viewing, and email reminders. 

  • Continued to research and test ICT & AV tools with a view to meeting our goal of providing an effectively ubiquitous ICT environment within HKIS.
As always HKIS amazes me at the speed at which we motivate ourselves and each other towards redefining what our goals are and how well we can do. 
We keep trying.

Stay well. 


Friday, September 21, 2012

ICT care notice to all MS students

Dear MS students
Here's a short video detailing some recent concerns around ICT usage in the MS. 

(Download this media file)

Laptop care message to students Sept 2012 - from DragonMedia

Thanks for your ongoing care and effort.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Parent ICT Coffee - September 20, 2012

The presentation slides we viewed are accessible via the below link.
Please note you will be required to login with your HKIS account to view. 

Click here to see presentation file

Note below programs we spoke about that help with organization / focus.

*  iProcastinate (App store download required)
    Available here :

*  Freedom
(currently on student machines)

*  Self Control
(free download required)
    Available here :

*  Concentrate
(commercial product)
    Available here :

Helpful links

Web Usage Tracking support
Please see the document linked below.

Parent Education (including Family Media Agreements, Cyber Safety advise)

Google's Family Safety Centre : Tips from parents @ Google

Cyber Safe Kids

Norton - Online Family

I hope this content is useful for you and yours.
If you have any questions, concerns, please contact me directly.

email : 

Dean Lea
MS ICT Facilitator / Teacher 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tech~Know~Wise crew begins - Tuesday 18th Sept

Any questions, see me Mr Lea.
Hope to see you Tuesday. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012 Reflection

As we end the first month of the 2012 - 2013 school year (August, 2012) I'd like to reflect on some of the successes we've had with Information and Communication Technology [ICT] here in our splendid Middle School [MS].

  • Provided 4 ICT training sessions to 7 new MS teachers. These were aimed at introducing the new teaching staff to the width of ICT systems here at HKIS. Later sessions dived deeper into operation processes ie. Unit manipulation in myDragonnet, Calendar function within Google environments.
  • Provided 2 ICT training sessions for all MS faculty.
    Topics included:

    * MyDragonnet Unit manipulation
    * Power School updates
    * Self Service application installation
    * Google Calendar function

  • Successfully conducted a Laptop Roll-out session for our 75 new MS students where the operational expectations around ICT here at the MS were explained. We also issued students with their new Macbook Pro computer.
  • Provided 4 after school ICT training sessions for all new students.
    Topics included:

    * Digital Organization
      * HKISs' ICT systems (Dragonnet, MyDragonet, Google Apps, Networks)
    * Library and research options available to all students 
    * Apples' iSuite programs (iLife & iWorks)   

    I must say the students progressed incredibly fast - well done :)

  • Presented 4 x 30 minutes ICT set up sessions for all 207 Grade 6 students. Instruction included:

    * username and Passwords awareness / resetting
    * setting up folder structure to support digital organization
    * operation of My Dragonet environments 
    * installing "Self Service" application to all students.

    This has been the first time we have provided a consistent ICT program at the start of the academic year. Almost like a "ready for MS ICT" course. It is great to know that all of the grade 6 students have begun their time here at the MS with common Knowledge and Skill around ICT.
    I hope we continue to allocate time to this.

  • Assist the Grade 6 Core Dyads with the introduction of Apple's "Numbers" program into Maths / Science classes. 

  • We are continuing to communicate to all students the need to be actively backing up their laptops. (see previous Blog post for how to)
... and we've only been here 12 days with students.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Backing up of data

Dear MS Students and Parents

In order to ensure all MS students' school-related data saved into their laptops is safe and secure, we require all MS Students to own an external portable hard drive, and to use this to do frequent back up of their data.
(Portable Harddrive example image below)

Our requirements for the portable hard drive are:

A minimum storage capacity of 500 GB

  1. The unit is a portable item (not time capsule)
  2. The item is used for the back up process
  3. The item is only used by the one student 
Some recommendations:
  1. Getting a Firewire 800 connection option is a good idea - it's faster than USB.
  2. WD - Western Digital are a good product.
  3. The Wanchai Computer Centre sell loads of these product
    Wan Chai Computer Centre
    130 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
  4. The Apple Store sell these product
    Apple Store,
    ifc mall, International Finance Center
    8 Finance Street, Central
Infact, most computer stores sell these products.
Once you have the portable harddrive, follow the instructions provided in the links below to set up the backup process using the Time Machine program inside your laptop.
If you have any questions or problems doing this process, please see your ETS office or see Mr Lea.
Thanks for your support.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Student Digital Leadership Team - MS SDLT

Dear Middle School Students

Following on from last year we are preparing to restart the MS SDLT. 

The Middle School's Student Digital Leadership Team will;

  1. Join the HKIS Technology leadership teams that focus on driving HKIS into the future.
  2. Prepare a Technology curriculum that will be taught to the entire Middle School through the day 6 extended PCG time.
  3. Meet after school weekly on Monday to design, learn and prepare the tech curriculum that will be taught throughout the 2012 - 2013 school year.

Who can Join?
Middle School students from grades 6, 7 & 8.

Do I need to be great with Technology to join?
Not really, we will teach you the content of the curriculum that we will teach the MS.

Where and when do we meet?
Day         : Every Monday
Time       : 3:15 - 4:10
Location   : MS 315B 

If I am interested what do I need to do now?
Prepare the attend the introduction meeting next week.

Day         : Monday 3rd September
Time       : 3:15 - 4:10
Location   : MS 315B 

Any other questions, please see Mr Lea - or email.

Click here to see the MS SDLT site

Monday, August 27, 2012

Install the Network Share

Here's how to install the Network Share "MS CLass" using the "Self Service" application.

Here is a PDF version of the instructions - CLICK HERE

and below is a video version of the instruction.

(Download this media file)

Install Network Share MS Class via Self Service - from DragonMedia

If you have any problems doing any of this go to you ETS office or see Mr Lea. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Download and Install Geometer's Sketch Pad

Here's a PDF and Video file detailing how to Download and Install Geometer's Sketch Pad into your laptop.

Here's the PDF version : CLICK HERE

and below here is the Video file

(Download this media file)

Download and Install Geometer's Sketch Pad - from DragonMedia

If you have any questions with this please see your ETS office
or your ICT facilitator ie Mr Lea.

I hope that helps

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Installing the Self Service Application onto your Laptops

Dear Middle School

Can you please follow the below linked information and install an application called "Self Service".

Here's a PDF version of the Self Service installation instructions : CLICK HERE

& below is a VIDEO version of the Self Service installation instructions.

(Download this media file)

How to install Self Service application - from DragonMedia

The application is designed to distribute applications to students and teachers so that they can install applications by themselves.

This means that students and teachers will not have to hand in their laptops to get applications installed for them.

If you are having problems installing the "Self Service" program, please see the MS ETS staff or Mr Lea. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Above this is the 2012 - 2013 school year posts

Monday, June 4, 2012

MS Library & ICT reflection presentation 2011-12

(Download this media file)

MS Library and ICT end of year reflection presentation 2011 - 12 - from DragonMedia

The above's a reflection from myself and Ms McCann regarding how we've done this year.
Any comments, please add to the blog.

Thanks for your time. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Departing Middle School Faculty

Dear departing MS colleagues,

Following are the procedures for securing your technology resources prior to your departure from HKIS.
If you need any assistance with anything, contact ETS staff or Mr Lea.

Thank you for your service to HKIS. Your email and other accounts (myDragonNet, Google Docs) will be deactivated on July 31st, so you will need to take steps to preserve that information, if you desire.
Extensions to email access are possible with special permission of your division Principal and the director of Human Resources.

Before you depart, be sure you have considered the following (instructions are below):

1) made copies of any files in myDragonNet that you wish to keep

2) archived all your email

3) provided access to any Google Docs you wish to use after you leave HKIS

4) saved all data off of your MacBook Pro  

5) returned your MacBook Pro, all accessories (charger, portable HD, adaptors) to ETS Office
(due June 10th, please contact Justin Hardman to arrange special exemption)

How To:

Make copies of any files on myDragonNet
There is no quick way to export all files from myDragonNet at once, but they can be downloaded one at a time. We suggest that you create a desktop folder and put your resources there to keep them organized.

Although HKIS retains ownership of any teaching resources you may have created, you are welcome to transfer this data to another storage medium to take it with you.

Archive all your Email
If you with to take your email with you, you have two options:
1) You can archive your GW email on your computer, then save it when you do your backup to a portable HD;
2) You can create an account with Thunderbird online mail client, and import your messages into it. This is free email software that works on Mac and PC, but plan ahead for this as the download can take a couple of days.

Provide access to Google Docs
To maintain access to any Google Docs you have created:
-Create a personal Google account from a different email address,
-Make a “collection” in Google Docs and put all your resources into it,
-Share that collection with your personal Google Account.

Remember to give ownership rights to a colleague for any resources that will continue to be used at HKIS.

Transfer all data to a new laptop:

Please do not wait until the last minute to do this; allow about a week in case you have difficulties.
You can buy hard drives at all computer stores as well as through student-run “Gadget Central HK”
If you are transferring to another Mac:

  • Obtain a 500GB personal Hard Drive.
  • If you have personal applications installed in your Mac, make sure you have the license keys available. (You can compare the contents of your apps folder with a colleague to remind yourself of any personal apps you may have installed)
  • Perform a Time Machine backup, but exclude applications as they are all HKIS-licensed software and cannot be taken with you. Your new computer will have pre-installed applications which you hold the license to; you can purchase iWork or Office through Senco, or outside HKIS.
  • Import your user profile onto your new computer using the Migration Assistant in the apps>utilities folder.
  • Restore your personal applications from the Internet after you install your profile to your new Mac.


If you are transferring to a PC:

  • Obtain a 500GB portable hard drive.
  • Make sure it is not “formatted for mac”; the format should be FAT32.  
  • Plug in the hard drive and drag the home folder to the drive. This will copy all your files to the HD.
  • Plug the portable HD into your PC and drag them to the desktop of your new PC.

Return technology to ETS and the library
Before June 11, ETS will collect your computer, charger, adaptor, and any peripheral devices.
The library will collect any items you have checked out from them (cameras, etc); divisions usually have a formal checkout procedure for this. If items have been lost or damaged faculty may be expected to pay for the replacement.

I want to buy a computer

You cannot buy your school issued computer but you can buy a computer through the Apple Online store as a teacher for an educational discount.
If you have any other questions contact MS ETS or Mr Lea

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

9 MS SDLT teach 620 MS students

I'd like to highlight how bravely and brilliantly 9 Middle School Student Digital Leadership Team (MS SDLT) students taught the entire Middle School (MS) student population how to use the "Green Screen" chroma key special effect process within Apple's iMovie 09.

Amanda LIANG, Anthea LOVETT, D’Artagnan LEA, Enrico LAPUZ, Kunal SADHWANI, Matthew LIN, Nathalie NG, Sam KHORSANDY, Sidney CHU spent a series of day 6 community times identifying a suitable curriculum topic, developing their own operational understanding of iMovie, preparing instructional materials, receiving teaching tips from hugely experienced MS teachers (thanks MS faculty) and, thereafter, teaching the 620 middle school student population, a grade level at a time : grade 7, grade 6, then finally grade 8.

One of our major goals, in addition to providing the instruction, was to see how effectively a select and prepared group of students could teach the remaining division's student population an ICT related curriculum.
We are pleased to report that responses from teachers have indicated success.

"The topic was of high interest. Our presenter had prepared a solid keynote / movie"
The students were engaged and interested. The presenter was excited about the presentation" 
"...was well done and well explained"
"The one grade 8 lesson I witnessed was well-prepared. The student teacher was organized and confident. The experience was empowering for all students."
This positive result will lead us into running an ongoing 18 student MS SDLT student teacher program throughout the 12 - 13 school year.
The students should be proud - I am.

Mr Lea

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back up you laptop data

Dear MS

As we approach the end of the 2011 - 2012 academic year (WELL DONE)
I want to remind you all to back up your Laptop.

This is really important to do before you all shoot off all over the globe on your marvelous adventurous summer holidays :)

As always, if you need help with this process:

Well done for owning this process and remaining digitally secure & in control.
Take care.
Happy & safe travels to you all.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What to do when the SMARTboard doesn't connect

What to do when the SMARTboard doesn't connect. 

1st sign of no connection to SMARTboard  
(red or flashing green connection light)
  • Open the SMART Control Panel application 
  • Run the Connection Wizard.
If still no Joy - 
  • Shut Down the Laptop (don't restart)
  • Turn on the Laptop
  • Open the SMART Control Panel application 
  • Run the Connection Wizard.
If STILL no joy 
If this doesn't sort the problem call ETS or Mr Lea for help

Monday, May 21, 2012

Checking Battery Status

Here's a quick process that lets you check the operational status of your Laptop's battery.
Hold down the "Option" key and click the Battery icon in your menu bar.

Hopefully your battery status will display "Condition: Normal" 
If there is a problem it will display "Condition: Service". 
If yours displays "Service". Please see the MS 2nd floor Apple Technician asap.


Monday, May 21, 2012

10 simple steps towards internet safety

Here's some steps towards achieving internet safety from the very well respected Common Sense Media group -

So here's a link to a list of 10 suggestions towards internet safety:

I hope this helps.

 "10 Simple Steps to Internet Safety." Reviews and Ratings for Family Movies, TV Shows, Websites, Video Games, Books and Music. Web. 20 May 2012. <>.

Monday, May 21, 2012

12 Ways to Be More Search Savvy

12 Ways to Be More Search Savvy


Indeed we do all know how to search the internet. The question is : how well?  
These 12 tips may make you become even more effective.

See link below :

Hope this helps.

"MindShift." MindShift. Web. 20 May 2012. <>.